Apartments for rent in Greenwich, CT

Are you thinking about renting an apartment or house in Greenwich, Connecticut? 
This page lists the apartments we currently have available.


List of Available Apartments

The following list includes all apartments that are available or are scheduled to become available. Click on an available apartment to view its description.

Available Now:

2 bedroom duplex (townhouse) in central Greenwich, available October 10, 2015

Available Soon:


Do you want to be the first to know when an apartment becomes available? Send us an email 
( info @ apartmentsingreenwich . com ) and we will let you know next time an apartment becomes available. We usually post vacancies 2 months in advance.

To see any of our available apartments (or any other apartments in Greenwich), contact Alice Farina at 203-869-9263 ext 682. 
None of our apartments carry any fee.

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If you have already seen an apartment with a real estate agent, contact us through that agent.
If not, call Alice Farina at 203-869-9263 ext 682. 

Resources for tenants:

List of utilities companies

Trash collection

Snow plowing

State of Connecticut page about security deposit interest

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